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    Mortgage Broker Adelaide

    Castle Mortgages Services

    Residential Home Loans

    Castle Mortgages will help find you the product that will suit your current needs , and make sure that it is one of the most competitive rates out there, that is available to you. Be it that you need to set up a new loan or refinance or construct .Castle Mortgages has you covered.


    Vehicle Loans

    Need a new car. Castle mortgage has a range of lenders to choose from offering some of the sharpest rates on the market. Whether you need the vehicle for your business or personal use, or as a lease or Hire Purchase . Castle will help you structure the debt so that it suits your needs.


    Commercial Finance

    If you need to buy a business premises or need to increase your companies cash flow , whatever the scenario run it past us. We specialise in helping businesses with their finance requirements.


    Asset Finance

    Be it a Caravan, New tractor, Crane or Plant equipment. Let Castle help you source the competitive funding you need to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.


    Low Doc Loans

    These loans are Ideal for new businesses that are too new to have financials , or businesses that are that complex that a standard application would not be possible. Call us for a chat to explore your options here.


    Bad Credit

    Been through a messy divorce? Or have had some bad financial luck? Don’t let that stop you from attaining your dreams and moving forward in life. We are specialists in working with clients who have Bad Credit. Don’t give up , run your scenario past us.


    After Hours Service

    You’re busy, we will come see you when it is convenient for you.

    Negotiate Loan Rates

    We will find you a loan that suits , and we will negotiate with the lender for a better rate.

    Local Adelaide broker

    We are your local Adelaide broker and service all of Greater Adelaide.


    If you need results quickly, or are on a tight schedule we are the company to use. We pride ourselves on speedy turnaround times.


    We come out to you, and do all the lifting when it comes to sorting out your loan and the paperwork.


    We are straight shooters who will gain your trust, through our honesty and integrity that we pride ourselves on.

    welcome to castle mortgages

    We are a personalised mortgage broking service that will go above and beyond to ensure that your finance requirements are best met by a lender whose product will suit you. We are on your side, and to us you are not just another number, but hopefully a lifelong client. We will walk with you through the whole process, making the financing of your next property the least of your worries. We look forward to working with you soon.

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