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Why use a mortgage broker?

Time and service would be my answer to you, no one has the time any longer to make an appointment with each of your preferred lenders, during business hours to boot.

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How does a mortgage broker get paid?

It is often thought that using a mortgage broker is going to cost more than going to the bank directly.

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What does a mortgage broker do?

A good mortgage broker takes the hassle out of securing a loan for you. I will be doing the legwork for you while you carry on with your busy life.

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What We Do

Castle Mortgages is an Adelaide based mortgage broking firm that makes choosing and obtaining property finance simple. We are here to help you make an informed decision on how to structure your debt as well as select a lending product that will suit our needs and circumstances. Our main aim though is to try and ensure that your securing finance is an easy , pain free experience. Unlike a big bank , you are not just a number to us, and we aim to give you the ultimate client experience ,when it comes to service. We will help you wade through the hundreds if not thousands of products out there and narrow them down to a few choice options to choose from. Taking into account your individual needs and circumstances.From here we will either help do all the legwork and paperwork for your application, or if you are new to the market obtain pre-approval for you so that you can shop with confidence, and have an edge over your competing buyers.We will hold your hand all the way up to settlement of your property and beyond. Our aim is to grow with you , and help you move from your first property to multiple , or maybe your first business or commercial property. Be it residential , commercial ,business or asset finance. We can help you with it all. Get in touch today.

welcome to castle mortgages

We are a personalised mortgage broking service that will go above and beyond to ensure that your finance requirements are best met by a lender whose product will suit you. We are on your side, and to us you are not just another number, but hopefully a lifelong client. We will walk with you through the whole process, making the financing of your next property the least of your worries. We look forward to working with you soon.

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Industry News


Apr 21, 2017

White-label loans are exclusively available through mortgage brokers and have rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years.


Apr 21, 2017

A white-label loan is essentially a home-branded loan, much like the home-branded products you see in the supermarket aisles.

Most Aussies feel like ‘just a number’ with big banks

Feb 03, 2017

The majority of Australians believe a big four bank would not provide the best service for customers facing a crisis, with 34 per cent of Gen X-ers saying that they would head to a mortgage broker first.