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Many people who already have a home loan, will carry on with that loan for many years without checking to see if it is still a competitive product and if it still suits your needs. This is where refinancing a loan comes in. While it is easy to put in the too hard basket, and studies have shown most people do.Ask yourself these questions. When last did I check what rates and deals are available in the market at present?Have your circumstances changed since you first secured your loan? Is there a product out there that will better suit us? Am I maximising my savings on my current loan? With the market  being as competitive as it is you should be giving your loan a” health check “at least every two years. In most cases it is the biggest investment people make in there lives . So why not make sure that you are doing the best that you can here.Normally its life that gets in the way of you doing this as it takes time and effort. Thats why brokers are here. Give us a quick call and we will have a chat and find out what you currently have and what you need. We will check for you. We have access to over 40 different lenders. Best of all we do all the work, no saving or a better fit you and are no worse off. It costs you nothing to check and if you do switch, the lender pays us. Contact us today.

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