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Property Investment

Are you tired of seeing advert after advert of retire early, come to our seminar, and see how our expert can get you a passive income and grow your property portfolio. He is only 30 and he has 12 properties.

Funny he is normally a mortgage broker too.

Property has always proven to be a safe and reliable way to grow Australians Wealth. We prefer a more conservative and safe method when it comes to property investment, and that is how we operate. Property investment, as well as the different “strategies” to grow your portfolio have been around for a long time!. There are no secrets, just research to be done. Now I may at this point in the paragraph be getting people who are already using some of these strategies offside. This is not my intention. Knowledge of the different ways to grow a portfolio and their different advantages and disadvantages, is not rocket science, nor is being able to maximize the amount of money that a person can lend. And we can help you if this is the way you would like to go. But because we have a bias to a safer investment strategy, if you are doing this, is it not better to have someone in your corner playing devils advocate?. When you have a portfolio of 15 homes all on an interest only loan , who’s making money? definitely the mortgage broker and the bank, and possibly you to. So why would we not also have a bias towards a more aggressive strategy. Well put simply we like to sleep at night no 1. We believe in retaining clients for life who will still be there even if there is a massive financial crisis. We are playing the long game doing the best we can for you , knowing that you and your family and friends will stick with us.

At Castle Mortgages we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to lender policy and debt structuring. Get in Touch with us and have a chat,it costs you nothing , and you may just end up a new client!.

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