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What does a mortgage broker do?

A good Mortgage broker  will help you understand all the different mortgage products that Banks and lender are offering, and  walk you through weighing up the Pros and Cons of these different mortgages, so that you can make an informed choice on the loan that you want. If you are reading this there is a good chance that you have been scouring the internet trying to educate yourself  on all the different facets of property finance.While this is great, is always good to know as much as you can about anything, especially one of the biggest financial decisions you will make in your life. However there is always a learning curve.

I know I digress , but bare with me and I will get to the point. Most people will be able to relate to the next example in some way or another. I wanted to re-tile our bathroom my self. I read everything that I could  on the internet, and watched every you tube video that I could. There were so many things to take into consideration , types of tile to purchase, choosing the correct grout, tiling techniques,types of tile cutter m, the list is almost endless. Needless to say while I am happy with the end result , mistakes were made and looking back money was wasted.

Now imagine I had an expert on tiling at my beck and call through this process , someone who knew all the tricks of the trade, tricks and knowledge that has been gained through experience , that with all the reading in the world  I could not gain until, I had done a few jobs for myself.Remember 5 years experience takes five years,you cannot fast track it. Now imagine this expert is paid by all  the  different tiling companies so  has no bias to whatever product you pick. It actually benefits him  to make sure you pick the best product for you, because he knows you will use him again.

Enter the Mortgage broker. Paid by the bank that you pick.Has no bias to a certain bank. Unlike the bank rep that you go and see in the Bank to find out about their products. Someone with a wealth of knowledge at there fingertips.Helping you through the myriad of products on the market at present.

People now  in this day and age do not have time to fix a proper meal with the pressures of work and family life. A broker will work out of hours and do most if not all of the loan paper work for you.They will come see you in the comfort of your own home and out of hours. No more having to structure your day and week around one bank appointment. We bring all the lender to you. Brokers will even help you with other property related thing like applying for the First Home owners Grant etc. Brokers have access to the same rates that you would be able to secure in a Bank , but can often also get you better rates than are advertised to the public.

You have very little if not nothing to loose and everything to gain by talking to a mortgage broker.Get in touch today

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