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It does not matter what stage you are at, it costs nothing to ask a question. It does not matter what the question may be simple or complex. we are here to answer them for you . And at Castle Mortgages if we don’t know we will find out. Lets start the conversation.  Get in touch with us today.


Company Over View

Hi, my name is Nolan and I am the Director of Castle Mortgages. I run a company that is based essentially on good customer service principals. “Say what you do and do what you say” being one of my main motto’s. I pride myself on my integrity and while that might not suit everyone my clients are always clients for life. You will get a very personalised service from me, and not be just another number in the Que in the bank. I have a passion for helping people and after many years in the premium retail industry have a deep appreciation of what that means to a client. My first home buying experience was a eye opener for me, after years of saving up a 20% deposit that was required, I went to my bank which was one of the big five and had an appointment with one of their representatives. I had to follow that appointment up with follow up calls to find out if we could start house shopping, only to be told that we need to save more and revisit the scenario in six months. Fortunately, I met very reputable mortgage broker by chance who then got me approved through the same bank about two weeks later. That was the first time the bank called me to find out why I had not used them directly. I had always been involved in finance on and off but this made me want to pursue it fully. And here many years later we are. With me and my company you will be in safe hands. I look forward to working with you.